Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Disappointing Gym: Another Excuse to Not Exercise and Hate Yourself Later

Ways to screw up a new gym:

1) Cram too many weight and squat machines in one room, thereby increasing both the number of meatheads that go to said gym and also decreasing the space needed for civilized activities such as stretching

2) Have the lockers in the change room be non-functional

3) Be a total exercise tease and have separate rooms for classes, wall climbing, a running track, and basketball/volleyball/badminton courts but not make them open and accessible to anyone

4) Increase the amount of flatscreen TVs that are constantly set to TSN (do you think I want to see professional athletes while I am trying to not pass out from being out of shape?)

5) Forget to put in a sauna (Fools!)