Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Matchy Matchy

Walking around downtown I frequently encounter groups of women who dress alike. It is not uncommon to spot a duo or trio of ladies, decked out in slight variations of each other's outfits. This is not surprising, and it is something I am also guilty of. My friends and I shop together, we shop at the same places, we are instantly drawn to a similar aesthetic. Take for example this photo of Laura and I:

Laura and I both have a penchant for wearing scarves and the (non) colour black year-round. Also, for the past four years, we have almost synchronized our haircut cycles.

I believe this phenomena is not gender specific. Let us begin with Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the new film, Inception. I am not certain who did the wardrobe styling for this movie, but the men, for the most part, look fantastic (except for DiCaprio in the latter half of the film, where he looks rather unrested and bedraggled). Gordon-Levitt in particular is polished and tailored in what seems like an attempt to dismiss his teen alien TV beginnings. These outfits seem to declare, "Yeah we match, so what? It makes it easier to solve dream capers and eliminates any potential jealousy about each other's attire, even though one of us is totally younger and better looking and the other just dates models and has gained weight."

This sort of male matching is not new. Let us go back now, to a different time. A time known for bad chunky highlights and pleather. I present to you 'N Sync, aka the origins of Justin Timberlake, aka The Panty Remover. Strangely, they have positioned Lance Bass in the front of this photo, perhaps an attempt to balance the undeniable Timberlake attraction with the least interesting member of the group, Chris Kirkpatrick (is that how you spell his name? He had a t-shirt company, which I think was as hideous as his flame jacket). This look says, "We will melt your heart with our [Justin's] sweet vocals but we are also totally edgy. This faux leather is sweltering against our skin under this hot photo lamp."

Male Matching and the hipster movement are directly correlated. I am not sure where this image is from, but it's totally weird. It says, "We wear the same size jeans. It saves us money to closet share."

Another celebrity favourite in this category is the bromance between Jake Gyllenhaal, Lance Armstrong, and Matthew McConaughey. They do their own version of GTL (Gym Tan Laundry), and they have no problem matching their outfits for all these activities. These looks say, "Yeah. Yeah. Totally."

This research is still in progress. Please email me if you have further examples of Male Matching.