Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Billy Corgan: When Popularity Makes you Weird

During the nineties it was difficult to avoid the popularity of the Smashing Pumpkins. The opening bars of 1979 formed a continuous ear worm in our brains, its nostalgic refrain pulsating into the core of jaded youth. Indie darlings such as Pavement rejected the Pumpkins for their mainstream tendencies, faulting them for succumbing to commercial success (this was also at a time when indie really meant something, and it pains me to say those words like an old codgy record store owner with too many faded black t-shirts). Billy was not a particularly attractive fellow. He was bald, had goth leanings, and wore a long black uniform that veered towards the shamanistic or the masochistic. He was the face of a certain kind of 90s alternative, one in direct opposition with the growth of bubblegum pop. The Pumpkins would break up shortly after their venture into a darker electronic sound, following the return of Jimmy Chamberlin and the departure of D'arcy.

Then Billy got weird.

I cannot even talk about Zwan. It was too weird and depressing. Let's move on.

These days Billy is seen cavorting with all kinds of blonde ladies, stirring up rumours of romantic entanglements with the likes of, dare I say it, Jessica Simpson. Here he is with Jessica, obviously walking a few steps behind her like a total creep-o. Maybe he is envious of her long blonde locks?

Here is he is with LeAnn Rimes, Jackie Johnson, and Tila Tequila:

Billy was always a bit strange but romping around with the bisexual-but-not-bisexual-and-totally-not-lesbian,-okay? Tila Tequila is puzzling. Oh Billy, where did it all go wrong? More importantly, who is Jackie Johnson??