Monday, August 30, 2010

Curatorial Hotties (Men's Edition)

When most people think of curators (if they think of us at all, which I highly doubt), they imagine an individual who is kind of pale, wears a lot of black, and places their hair in a chignon to accentuate their severe angled glasses. We are fortunate not to have the wacko artist stigma, but as our reward we are often viewed as bitchy, uptight, and pretentious. I'm going to be honest, we are probably all of these things. But most of us are also painfully socially awkward and we drink too much to compensate. Despite this, I am certain there are some serious curatorial dreamboats lurking about. Some potential contenders:

Here we have the current curatorial wonder boy, Jens Hoffman. I bet that sweater is cashmere.

Not your typical choice for a hottie, but you can tell that Cuauhtemoc Medina means business with that finger pointing.

Next up, representing my hometown, is the Director of Plugin ICA, Anthony Kiendl. Adorable!

In the adorable camp is also Hou Hanru. This look says, "Get on the back of my motorbike, we're going to Istanbul."

Hans Ulrich Obrist. Can you go wrong with a person known by 3 names? I don't think so.

Sizzlin'! Can we get an extinguisher, I think Klaus Biesenbach is on fire!

Now, my personal favourite, Okwui Enwezor, artistic director of Documenta 11 and all-around dreamboat. I have met this man. He really is this fancy.

Stay tuned for the ladies' edition of this new segment!