Friday, September 3, 2010

Style Icons: Back to School Edition

In honour of September, four academic style icons:

1. The cast of Dead Poets Society

Their late 1950s wardrobe of sweater vests, blazers, striped ties and horn-rimmed glasses is both a poetic ode to the colour burgundy and a telltale reminder of the self-esteem issues and suicidal tendencies lurking beneath.

2. Moira Kelly in With Honors:

The epitome of grunge-era Harvard cool. She's like the Winona Ryder that no one remembers.

3. The cast of Picnic at Hanging Rock

A cautionary tale about the dangers of class field-trips and hiking in the Australian outback in lacy white dresses. Also, the pan flute magic of Zamfir:

4. Ali McGraw in Love Story

Ali McGraw totally deserves her own entry in this category, but as Jennifer Cavelleri, she's the epitome of Radcliffe College nerd-chic. Her glasses blow my mind: