Thursday, October 21, 2010

Because she's the cheese and I'm the macaroni!

My friend's older brother used to drive around in the family minivan and would sometimes leave his cassettes in the tape deck. One day the cassette tape was Ill Communication and my mind was blown.

And I know, I know, this story would be cooler if I had discovered the Beastie Boys 8-10 years earlier, but I was four years old when Licenced to Ill came out and I was a nerd. So I didn't discover them until the minivan in '94. I then quickly developed a fleeting interest in Tibetan Buddhism and a mad crush on Adam Horovitz.

I struggled with the fact that he was married to Ione Skye:

mostly because she is so lame in Say Anything:

but I told myself she must have some redeeming qualities in real life. I mean, her father is none other than psychedelic pop superstar, DONOVAN:

who's greatest hits include "Mellow Yellow," "Season of the Witch," and "Jennifer Juniper."

When I finally saw the Beastie Boys live at the Pacific Coliseum in 1997 or 1998, it was probably the best thing that happened to me for a couple of years.

Adam Horovitz is now married to the very awesome Kathleen Hanna:

but maybe we'll be together when we're old, like in a García Márquez novel?