Monday, May 23, 2011

Fine meals with fine friends

My love for edible rituals and weekend meditations is not a secret to this blog. Sundays are for baking muffins or making a batch of granola, preparing some bread dough for the week, or a chance to simmer several quarts of chicken stock on the stove. These efforts are always consumed with great satisfaction, in that feel good wholesome eating way, but also in the incredulous, "I can't believe people can make these things with their own two hands" kind of way.

Last night, at our usual Sunday dinner with dear friends, we took a step back to observe the array of food on our table and we were all quite pleased with what had been prepared. An organic pork loin, roasted with gala apples, rosemary, garlic, and onion, served with homemade apple butter, accompanied by a spring salad of arugula, red cabbage, radish, walnuts, and apples soaked in lemon, with a gently roasted butternut squash from the recently opened Farmer's Market. A fresh loaf of peasant bread and butter were available for the more gluten-friendly folk. For dessert was an orange and clove sorbet made with my trusted hand-me-down ice cream maker from my boyfriend's mother, and the always classic Rice Krispie treats, made with the addition of fresh rosemary and lavender flowers (are you still with me?). Meals such as this remind me of just how wonderful the produce is on the west coast, and makes me eager for my new Sunday ritual of going to the Farmer's Market to hoard all the delicious fruits and vegetables. When the next rapture comes, you know where to go first.