Monday, July 4, 2011

Wilderness Essentials

When We Swam took a little time away from the city this past weekend, for birthday celebrations and communing with nature, and enjoying the beautiful B.C. wilderness, which reaches it's rain-free peak in July. As not very wilderness-y people, we've been thinking about the fundamental importance of an "essentials" list, a survival guide of sorts for the uptight urban traveller:

1) Loungey pants (preferably cotton or linen)

2) Rice Krispie treats, with back-to-the-earth accoutrements, including fresh lavender and rosemary

3) Salty snacks of all kinds (WWS is a fan of kettle chips, cheesy popcorn, and pretzels)

4) Sun hats, for shielding winter white urban skin from the elements and preventing "ferry hair"

5) An excellent book - right now Laura is reading George Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and London while Kim is finishing Just Kids:

6) A selection of delicious cheeses. Do not be afraid to bring cheeses of a stinkier variety. The open air helps to alleviate the strong aromas, and its unique scent and flavour will contribute to your image as the eccentric urban guest.

7) Camera phones - for documenting all the wonderfully foreign natural wonders, such as moss, deer, and washed up crab carcasses:

8) A whole chicken, delicious when barbecued:

9) Classic rock, to sing along to while speeding down mountain roads:

10) Superior night vision (or flashlights), for finding one's way back to the cabin after an evening of pool, fish and chips, and eavesdropping on local gossip at the town pub.

11) Sensible shoes, in your own version of "sensible". A pair of white canvas sneakers from Army & Navy will certainly suffice. You will need these shoes for relaxing hikes and walking on peculiar sandstone surfaces: