Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Version of You

Kim and I have talked for a long time about how to fully capture the epic social/cultural/political/historical significance of Felicity on this blog. We agreed, of course, that the full spectrum of Felicity-ness can't be distilled to a single post. For today, I'm going to start with the basics: the epic significance of a single word within the Felicity lexicon of repressed emotions. And that word is: "Hey."

"Hey" is the means by which Felicity characters express the full spectrum of their 20-something angst. "Hey" is used not only as an alterative to "Hi" or "Hello" but as a universal signifier for everything from "I'm hungry" to "I love you." It stands in for all the pent-up feelings that college kids don't yet know how to express.

In this classic scene, observe how "Hey" breaks the ice between remorseful Felicity and Ben the cuckold as he furiously dribbles his basketball:

Couple this loaded word with Felicity's tendencies toward stalking and confessional honesty (See Season 1, Episode 1: "Don't do it Felicity! Don't tell Ben you followed him to New York!") and you have a perfect foundation for four years of TV gold. Hey.