Sunday, October 2, 2011

Speaking of the 90s

Before we get all dreamy about the return of the nineties, perhaps we should take a moment to acknowledge some of its more embarrassing and disheartening moments, in particular the period known as The Late Nineties. There has been much brouhaha about the reappearance of delicate plaids, neon, and leather booties, but have we already forgotten about the strange infantilization of teens (baby blues and pinks, tiny tees, pacifiers?), pleather pants, metallic makeup, twisted hairstyles, butterfly clips, The Rachel, and blond streaks? Rave pants? Ranch dressing, California Cuisine, and wraps? B4-4 and Darude's Sandstorm (and the one dude that dances to it at the club)?

Aren't they just adorable? Full-denim ensembles were just the dreamiest.

Fergie! Pre-Humps!

Fatboy who?

No really, this was a hit show!

Then there's this gem that sneaked in in the last year of the nineties:

Now, don't get me wrong, you can still find a few winners from the latter half of the decade that are always worth revisiting, but I'm not quite ready to embrace a complete nineties revival just yet. Perhaps the six seasons of Beverly Hills 90210 that just came on Netflix will help make this transition a bit easier.