Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Hair

A lot of people said a lot of things about the great Felicity hair debacle of Season 2. The cut was blamed for the show's sudden ratings drop, despite other, more legitimate contributing factors. It has since become an oft referred to pop culture moment signifying poor decision-making. As a Felicity enthusiast, I understand that in the moment, Felicity was not thinking rationally. And I'd like to argue, for the record, that watching Keri Russell grow out the unfortunate haircut on TV was in fact more unfortunate than the cut itself.

Exhibit A: Pre-cut curl-a-riffic shampoo ad hair:

Exhibit B: Post-cut:

I personally wouldn't have gone for the middle part, but it's really not that bad.

Exhibit C:

Awkward mid-length growing-out stage with strange extra-long mullet tendrils. I understand that following the haircut backlash the impulse would have been to grow it back as fast as possible, but did she need to neglect maintenance cuts to even out the length? Did she need to apply so much hair mousse? This cut is the real travesty.