Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When young actors grow up to play awkward stoner dudes who hallucinate animal relationships.

In the new FX series Wilfred, Elijah Wood plays a depressed, formerly suicidal man who has a crush on his neighbour and is left to take care of her dog, Wilfred. While everyone else sees Wilfred as a dog, Wood sees him as a man dressed in a ratty dog suit. The dog man somehow acts as a misguided mentor to Wood, teaching him lessons through extreme and compromising situations. It's a real dude romp.

Based upon my interests in mini doughnut pans and dogs dressed like pin cushions, you can assume that dude shows generally aren't my cup of tea. But this one was at a disadvantage from the start - it stars Elijah Wood. And that guy is the worst.

I know, everyone loves Frodo. He's got soft eyes and an aw shucks face. But do you remember the time he barfed off the side of a boat in Flipper? Admittedly, this opinion is in no way based upon his acting skills. It might, however, be partly based on his squeaky voice.