Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet Old Lady Emrick

This is Julie Emrick. She is Felicity's first and sort of best friend when she moves to New York. She could also be called The Friend You Make Your First Year of College Because You Are Desperate for New Friends, otherwise known as The Friend You Knew, That Time, In College. Or, you could call her The Soulful College Student in Search of Her Biological Mother That Likely Will Reject Her. Julie also carries the titles of Backstabbing Ho That Seduces Your Unrequited Crush and Mediocre Singer-Songwriter/Poor Man's Jewel. To top it off, Julie suffers from Andrea Zuckerman Syndrome, a condition that is caused by late twenties actresses weirdly being cast as eighteen-year olds on teen dramas. We could also call this, Who Are You Trying to Kid?