Saturday, December 17, 2011

Style Icon: Diane Keaton

I know, I know - it's been said: Diane Keaton is the style icon of all style icons. Her style is ridiculously well-documented, adored, blogged about incessantly.

But I've been watching this Woody Allen documentary:

and again, it all comes flooding back again - the masculine sensibility,

the propensity for wearing vests, the hair.

She's just so great. I stand in front of my closet in the morning and think, "What would Diane wear?" I can't wait to read her memoir.

So here are some pictures of her and Woody, being cute.

Hey look, Tony Roberts is totally secretly in love with her too! I mean, who wouldn't be?

Turtlenecks, good times:

Just being generally adorable with a tennis racket. She's such a great physical comedienne, Woody can barely stand it:

Plaid shirt & blazer (incidentally, my go to look for Winter 2011):

Classic trenches:

Irresistible, even in scrubs:

What a great first date tie:

Hand-holding, corduroy:

No one else could pull of this particular haircut without looking stupid:

The reason I have bangs:

DK forever.