Thursday, August 25, 2011


As a kid, I had a thing for pirate culture. I loved the idea of ships at sea, old maps, walking the plank, buried treasure, stowaways, drowning. It also seems, in retrospect, like pirates had a greater pop culture presence in the '80s, akin to babysitters, martial arts and fluorescent hues. The penultimate meshing of pirate culture and Spielberg-ian teen adventure was of course The Goonies:

As a fixture of my cinematic youth, it represented lazy Saturday afternoons, the way kids get bored growing up in the rainy pacific northwest, bike rides, Cyndi Lauper, capitalism and real estate development, chin-ups, petty crime. I still watch it at least twice a year and every time I have the flu. I have repeated this ritual so often, in fact, that the opening car chase now sparks a craving for chicken noodle soup and ginger ale. I mean, how cute is Martha Plimpton?

Sidenote: I used to think that '80s actresses Kerri Green (of Goonies fame):

and Jenny Lewis:

were the same person, until the latter became a musical sensation. Pre-teen Lewis in fact starred in another great Saturday afternoon movie (to which I could devote a dozen blog posts): Troop Beverly Hills.