Saturday, January 14, 2012

Suggested snacks for a snowy weekend.

The temperature has dropped and, much to my enjoyment, our rainy city has briefly become a snowy one. Here are some of my suggested snacks for a cold afternoon, made even better with a sleepy Muppet curled up by your side.

- Clementines and a mug of hot cocoa
- Sweet and salty nuts roasted with rosemary and chipotle
- Popcorn popped with coconut oil with Romano cheese, salt, and pepper
- Dried apple chips from a farm in Chilliwack with a cup of chai
- Trail mix with peanut butter cups
- Medjool dates, pear slices, goat cheese with honey
- Tangerine sorbet, bubbly water, and gingerbread cookies
- Slice of toast with butter, sea salt, and blackberry jam
- Cream cheese pound cake with earl grey tea