Monday, September 3, 2012

Secret Feelings

People in Vancouver love to go to the beach in the summer. Me, not so much. In fact, I secretly hate the beach, especially the gross crowded ones in Vancouver (crazy, I know!)

But every summer, I re-discover a wonderful benefit to the collective beach impulse of Vancouverites: when everyone's at the beach, the parks are empty!

Vancouver has amazing parks - grass for miles where you can lie on a blanket and listen to the wind with all the privacy of your own backyard. They are tucked in around all of the city's residential neighbourhoods, and discovering new ones is like gaining perspective on a place you've lived for years.

And yes, no dirty water or sand in sight, but that's just fine by me because you can climb trees, walk along trails,

eat snacks you brought along from the farmers market, discover new kinds of fluffy plants:

Parks are spacious and clean and completely beautiful. They are great places for thinking about stuff and taking naps. Yay parks.