Thursday, October 18, 2012

HOT TIP: Banana Bread

Here's a hot tip: when the weather forecast says you should expect rain (and lots of it) today, tonight, tomorrow, and until you are just about ready to drown in your jar of Vitamin D gummies, you should make yourself some banana bread. Take those bananas, blackened by your neglect, some flour, eggs, butter, brown sugar, vanilla, some spices, and maybe some dark chocolate crystallized ginger to make it seem as though you're fancy or something, and you make yourself one hell of a banana bread. And then you bake it for half an hour and maybe an extra ten minutes because you haven't turned the heat on in your apartment yet because you are cheap. Then you eat it warm with butter and some mint tea. And then you tell the rain that it's not gonna win, you are totally going to win, because this banana bread is delicious. Then you are going to go to bed, wake up tomorrow morning, see the rain, and say, "No Vancouver, you win this round."