Monday, October 8, 2012

So many questions, so few answers.

Mark Flood at Zach Feuer

Contemporary art is really depressing me these days. Why is everyone so apathetic? Why is the work so cold and inaccessible under the guise of complexity? What does it mean to live anachronistically? Why are we gardening and presenting tutorials on mushroom spores when there are actual honest to goodness FARMERS who are not getting nearly enough credit or pay to do this for a living? Why do we think shaking hands and high five-ing is going to save us from the depression of our economic and political state? Why are we so obsessed with the fifties and sixties and giving HJs to artists that have already done a bunch of stuff that we have already acknowledged them for? Why are we just recreating things but not in a better or transformative way? Is that just another couple of sticks leaning on the wall? Is that just ephemera in a vitrine and books on a plinth? Is that ephemera on a book on top of a stick, near a vitrine, with more ephemera on a plant? Are we still talking about community? Aren't gradients over? When did 'just enough' become enough? Why are upper middle class twenty-somethings making art about being skids? Why didn't I become a pastry chef?