Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who isn't excited?

BLAMMO! It's Christmas-time!

In my early twenties, when I was a moody art school student that wanted to stay up all night drinking coffee while complaining about the Bush administration, I wasn't really allowed to like Christmas. It's so capitalist and empty, you know? All those presents! All these forced gestures and requisite time spent with family you were trying to get away from! Pure torture!

Here's a secret: I have always loved Christmas. It's totally amazing! Who doesn't love the production and consumption of delicious treats? Who doesn't love finding wonderful gifts for loved ones? Seasonal beverages? Holiday parties and holiday sales? The smell of evergreen trees and ambiguous woodsy things? Wool blankets? Gingersnaps for breakfast? Drinking during the day? Come on!

It's just the best.