Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bye, Ridge!

The Ridge was probably the first theatre I went to after moving to Vancouver thirteen years ago - it was right up the street from my first apartment and used to show two second-run movies a night for something like seven bucks. I saw Salman Rushdie read there in 2005.

I saw two final movies there this weekend, as part of the last film festival (Searching for Sugar Man and Argo - both fantastic! Argo is so reminiscent of some classic '70s-Sydney-Pollack-Three-Days-of-the-Condor shit, I loved it!).

The Ridge on Friday night

But on Sunday the Ridge went the way of the Hollywood (which inexplicably has turned into a church!?!) Soon it (and ALSO, the wonderful Varsity Ridge Bowling Lanes, home to a ton of now homeless bowling leagues) will be bulldozed and replaced by condos with some lame "tribute to the Ridge" kind of name, like Nouveau Ridge or Basquiat Ridge. This is depressing, but not surprising. Also, the Ridge was in Twilight - how can you tear that kind of history down? Way to go Vancouver.