Saturday, August 24, 2013

Third and Delaware

Okay so why have we not talked about Roseanne on this blog yet? I don't need to tell you how god damn important this show is. You already know. It's the real deal, y'all. Loose meat sandwiches and failed motorcycle repair shops and the Cloone, abusive boyfriends and mental health issues. Multiple queer characters! In the NINETIES. Working class folks. Shitty parents and a nana that drinks way too much beer. It's all so important. I say that a lot. But really, this one is like, SO IMPORTANT.

With everyone abuzz about the feminist superhero creation that is Orange is the New Black, I have been thinking about other prominent female characters from television's past. The female characters on Roseanne were stellar: Bev, Roseanne and Jackie's mother, with her shrill voice and the conservative agenda to match, a recovering alcoholic who survived a terrible marriage to an adulterous abuser; Jackie, the pillar of independence, former police officer, a victim of domestic abuse, and single mom who chose to leave her nothing burger beardo husband; Nancy, the bold and occasionally narcissistic bisexual who is always confidently wearing tight pants; and Darlene, the depressed goth that wanted to turn her graphic novel into a career in art school. I don't even need to talk about Roseanne. You just know.